Bad Dog Paw

The Art Revolution has begun!

What we are is a new breed of wholesale art supplier and our mission is clear. We’re here to redefine what the design industry believes a Program Art line should be!

What we offer is a revolutionary approach to art selection and purchase. Before we began this incredible journey, we spent a lot of time examining how this industry works. The truth we discovered was very simple. We realized that we could do it better!

What sets us apart from our contemporaries – our special sauce – is all about how we produce our art. At Bad Dog Editions, everything is under one roof. We create a wide variety of popular and trending art styles with fully customizable substrate and framing options – all at comfortably affordable prices. Plus, our propriety collection continues to grow as fresh, new pieces are added regularly.

What matters most is that all orders are printed, matted, and framed in our Orlando, Florida production facility. That means it takes less time for us to produce and ship. When lead time affects a project’s success, the time it takes for your order to be fulfilled needs to be as short as possible.

What you didn’t know about our story is that we have decades of experience behind us. The driving force that guides our strategy and has defined our processes comes from the leadership, resources, and experience in the professional framing industry.



Opening order minimum is $500 & reorder minimum is
$250. Note: Multiple POs/Orders may be sent at the same time to meet minimum.


Standard shipping charges are 18% of the total order.
Local? No problem! We offer free delivery within 25 miles of our corporate office.


After an opening order of $500, we'll happily accept under minimum orders. However, orders under the $250 reorder minimum will be charged a $45 processing fee. Standard freight rates of 15% will apply.


We turn things around fast! Our standard production time is 21-28  business days. Shipping time can typically take between 2-5 business days depending on the shipping location.


In a time crunch? With a rush order, our production time is cut down to 10 days, plus shipping time. There is a 25% up-charge for any rush orders. 


All canvases are considered climate resistant. They should withstand humid conditions when under cover and not exposed to direct sunlight. All canvases are coated with a weather and mildew resistant finish and are constructed with treated wood and stainless steel hardware.


Bad Dog Editions stands behind our quality. All of our products come with a 2 year limited warranty. If you have any issues,  please reach out to our customer service department and our representatives will be happy to assist you.